Bonnie Nixon
Sustainability Strategist & Human Rights Expert

Bonnie Nixon is known for her ability to deliver, inspire and serve as a catalyst for transformation in the field of sustainability and social and environmental responsibility.  She speaks, serves as a Board of Director for startup companies and advises business executives on sustainability and human rights strategies.  Today, Ms. Nixon is brought in as a senior advisor,  guest lecturer and keynote presenter at the world’s leading forums for worldwide environmental advancement and social change.  Having served as Senior Fellow at the Institute for Environmental Entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley, Resident Scholar at Stanford University and Faculty Member at Presidio’s Sustainability MBA and the CA College of Arts’ Sustainable Design MBA, she is committed to helping the next generations embrace the “Science and Communications of Sustainability”. 

Most recently, Bonnie operated as the Global Sustainability Lead for Mattel Toys and delivered a multi-year leadership strategy.   Prior to that as Senior Advisor to the Sustainability Roundtable ( and Executive Director of The Sustainability Consortium, (TSC) (, Nixon was responsible for providing strategic direction and executing on bold visions for Consortium.  These were both independent Organizations of diverse global participants including 100 plus Corporate, Government, Academic and Civil Society groups.  The Roundtable works on cutting edge research and climate change solutions.  TSC is helping to set the lifecycle standards and develop transparent methodologies, tools and strategies that will drive a new generation of sustainable products and supply networks.  

Ms. Nixon was Director of Environmental Sustainability at Hewlett Packard (, for more than a decade where she managed the vision, strategy, marketing, messaging, media relations, employee engagement and stakeholder relations program.  Before leading HP's Sustainability Program, as Director of Ethical Sourcing at HP (, Bonnie implemented the worlds’ largest and most complex electronic ethical and sustainable supply chain program for 10 years.  More than $50B went through HP's supply chain and Ms. Nixon was responsible for building a solid business case and constructively engaging thousands of global suppliers on environmental, health, safety, ethical and labor practices.  Bonnie worked extensively with the media to enhance HP’s brand.

Ms. Nixon was a key driver in a common industry code of conduct and a set of complimentary tools and processes as a founder and Board Member of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition  Bonnie Nixon has played management, leadership, communications and outreach and fundraising roles with many multi-industry consortiums including global retailers, footwear and apparel, toy, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, consumer goods and mining.  Bonnie has recently served as the Board Chair and member for Sustainable Silicon Valley ( and Blue Planet Network (  As a Board Member of many organizations, Ms. Nixon understands the importance of fundraising and because of her passion for the environment, public health and social justice; her ability to influence key opinion leaders, foundations and corporations, comes naturally. 

Before HP, Bonnie Nixon owned Circlepoint ( - an environmental consultancy that focused on large planning and infrastructure projects for the State of California and the Federal Government.   In this role, Bonnie led the communications, mediation, public outreach and media relations programs for dozens of projects focused on water, wastewater, transportation, land use planning and conservation, hazardous waste cleanups, base closures and utilities and renewable energy development projects.  Ms. Nixon also led Public Relations for the Boston Harbor Cleanup Project where she worked extensively with affected communities.  Bonnie started her environmental career when she earned her degree and represented student government at Pennsylvania State University during the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant leak.