Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and span many industries. Their motivations for coming to us are also unique and they are in varying degrees of readiness for sustainable transformation.  They may be trailblazers forging new ground in social and environmental practices, or emerging businesses that need the credibility an enhanced social image can bring, or a corporation that is a little late to the game, pressured by Board Members or stakeholders to catch up quickly.

All of our clients share one characteristic -- they know they are part of a complex web of producers, suppliers, customers, global stakeholders and regulatory agencies.  They seek a defined and sustainable path through myriad competing priorities. BonnEco provides strategic insight to map priorities, build the necessary relationships across stakeholders and identify a plan for action.  As required, BonnEco assembles a team of affiliates to assist with implementation.

Some of our clients include:

Mattel Toys Hewlett Packard Walmart
Plantronics Homedics Facebook