Ecosystem Services

BonnEco helps organizations, companies and government agencies achieve their business sustainability vision.  Whether you are just starting out or in the midst of implementation but encountering obstacles, Bonnie is ready to provide great value to your organization.  BonnEco can take on any phase and level of a sustainability and human rights implementation initiative, or serve as your trusted advisor to guide you through the sustainability maturation process.

Engaging BonnEco can start with a quick assessment that will help you understand where you are in the process, identify issues and then provide guidance with setting next step priorities to drive progress in moving your strategic vision forward.

BonnEco services include:

·         Public Speaking

·         Training

·         Facilitation Services

·         High Level Advisory Services

·      Sustainability Assessments
         Strategy Development and Update

BonnEco offers great flexibility in working with you on a time and materials or fixed price basis.  No company or budget is too small or too large.  BonnEco partners with best of breed companies providing solutions that complement our focus and share our vision.