“Bonnie and I have had the benefit of knowing one another - working in the field of corporate sustainability. Having both spoken on behalf of our companies at past Corporate Sustainability conferences, I continue to deeply admire the dedication of this woman to the many stakeholders she serves. Her mind and heart equally serve to advance the mission of her work. She views this as not only a duty, but a privilege. It is a rare quality in today's corporate world to see someone operate with such courage and effectiveness. I believe that is changing, due to leaders such as Bonnie Nixon. In fact, last year I wrote an article for FastCompany.com to support my admiration of her. You can read it here: "An Interview with a Corporate Green Hero.”  

Lewis Perkins, SVP Devlopment & Textile and Apparel, Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute



“I have worked with Bonnie for several years in different capacities, from the stakeholder side when I worked in the responsible investment field, and later as industry peers. She is without question one of the top leaders in the field of Corporate Responsibility. When I think of Bonnie, two concepts come to mind – balance and courage. Throughout her career she has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to see an issue from several sides, while having the courage to put a stake in the ground on strategic and sometimes controversial topics. She maintains a consistent level of passion for the issues, and I believe this is what underpins her drive for results. Ultimately though, she’s an executive who understands what it takes to effectively develop a strategy, and lead a company to its execution. Her record of accomplishments in the ICT industry and at HP speaks volumes, from her pioneering role in establishing the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition to building a sustainability program that resulted in HP’s top standing in several reputation rankings. Anyone who knows Bonnie can’t help but admire her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, but it is her tremendous energy and capacity for ‘getting it done’ that is so enviable!” 

Karen Beadle, Director, Stakeholder and Social Issues, Sustainable Development Group, ConocoPhillips



“Bonnie has been a leader in human rights supply chain, corporate responsibility, and businesses collaborating to improve business and societal/ environmental impact. Her key skills are navigating complex systems, inspiring change within large institutions, negotiating disparate viewpoints and goals, and communicating effectively across multiple audiences.” 

Kellie McElhaney, Faculty, Center for Responsible Business, Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley 



“Bonnie is a passionate promoter of CSR principles. She is a strategic and organized leader who seems to have endless amounts of energy needed to get the job done. She's driven HP to a position of leadership in her social and environmental supply chain work. She incited the electronics industry to take up and implement an industry code of conduct. She is an excellent collaboration partner. She inspires and encourages many people in many industries. She is a recognized voice and leader in CSR.” April 15, 2010

Leslie Esparza, Director, Social and Environmental Sustainability, Levi Strauss & Co.



Bonnie is a major driving force of positive sustainable change across different sectors. My experience of working with Bonnie in the Electronics sector, both as a senior manager of HP (customer of STMicroelectronics) and as a leading member of the Electronics Industry Citizen Coalition (EICC) has been excellent. In all of her professional roles over recent years I have found Bonnie to be inspiring, supportive and constructively demanding; it is always a pleasure to work with her. She has stretched me and helped me grow professionally and I believe she does the same for the different organizations and sectors she works with. 

Kate Cacciatore, Sustainability Strategies Director, STMicroelectronics; EICC Board Director for Communications and Stakeholder Engagement